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Clothing alterations


wedding dress alterations auckland

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity.

— Vivienne Westwood

We offer a wide range of sewing services right in central Auckland, including clothing alterations and repairs. If you’re looking for something extra special, we can help with that too.

Clothing Alterations & Repairs

 We offer a while-you-wait service, the same day or next day service or a two-day service. Just ask.

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Basic Hem/False Hem/Multiple Layers 
Take in Sides Seams/Take In Back Seam 
Zipper/ Invisible Zipper Adjust Straps
Shorten From Waist 
Adjust Straps Bridal Packages
Baby Lock Hem
Shoulder Lift/ Cut Down Arm Hole

clothing repairs


Install Bra Cups
Basic Hem/Hem with band/multiples layers Hem
Adjust Straps
Take In / Let Out
Luxury Bridal
Bridal Packages

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Regular Hem
Original Hem
Taper One Side/ Taper Both Sides
Take in waist/Take out Waist Only

clothes alterations auckland
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Shorten Sleeves From Shoulders
Shorten Sleeves Redo Button Hole
Lengthen Sleeves
Shorten Jacket Hem/Lengthen
Take in Side Seams/Let out
Stump Collar
Cut Down Armhole
Shoulder Lift
Take in Sleeves/Let out

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Regular Hem
Original Hem

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Plain Hem
Hem With Cuff
False Hem
Take In Waist/Let Out Waist
Take In Inside Leg
Taper One Side/Taper Both Sides
Drop Waist
Remove Pleats



We can work with all types of leather

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Replace Buttons/Jeans Button
Replace Zips
Repair Seams
Patch/Triple Stich



Take in Side seams/Let Out 
Hem/Hem With Splits/Multiple Layers Hem
Replace Zip
Shorten From Waist
Baby Lock Hem



Shorten Sleeves/ Move Placket Replace Zips
Add darts/Remove Darts 
Take In Side Seam French Seam 
Take In Sleeves
Shoulder Lift


Wedding party package

Bridesmaids’ packages
Groomsmen’s’ packages

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See a tailor. You’ll save money, look great and save the planet

Expert clothing alterations can change your whole outlook and the way others look at you. Let Lila revamp your wardrobe with clothes you already have or bring in new clothes for a tweak to have them fit perfectly. 

Save your favourite clothes from landfill. Got a hole? A rip? A broken zip? No problem. Pop into Lila’s Tailoring in O’Connell Street in the CBD in central Auckland for clothing repairs.

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Tailor in Auckland


You might not be altered so easily, but your clothes can be. Take your clothes to Lila and let her work her magic. Call Lila’s Tailoring on 022 1526026 for an appointment or visit us at 3 O’Connell Street in Auckland’s CBD and get ready to look fabulous.

3 O’Connell Street, Auckland, CBD, 1010

022 152 6026


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9:00am - 5:00pm - MONDAY TO FRIDAY
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